With so many emphasis on gorgeous flirty dresses, ultra high heels and the constant hunt for the season’s hottest trends, comfy clothing gets to be largely ignored. Still, with the hot collaboration between Jeremy Scott and adidas Originals for the spring summer season 2012, things can quickly change. Inspired by American pop culture for everything from attire options to makeup and hairstyles, the collection is extremely playful, vivacious and intriguing.

With a good mix of loose fitting attire options followed closely by body fitting clothes, the lack of variety is far from being an issue. With motifs like flag stars, teddy bears, stripes, sport motifs that are creatively put together or paired with something rather unexpected like sequins, breaking out of the cookie cutter style patterns is made tempting and fun. From dresses to jumpsuits and everything in between, the alternatives are quite generous.

Functionality and versatility are not the main concerns of the collection and the need for accessories is vastly diminished by the striking designs that cannot help but stand out. However, since keeping a low profile is definitely not on the list of main style objectives for the brand, the aforementioned characteristics don’t even begin to take from the appeal of this daring line. Plus, with so many areas to analyze, it can be hard not to find a few style alternatives to consider adopting.

The journey towards being different by purposely pushing your fashion limits can be demanding, yet with so many eclectic alternatives available, the rewards can greatly exceed the risks. You will be able to make these pieces and other ultra creative ones your own starting with February and March as this is the approximate time when the collection will be available.

Photo courtesy of Adidas