The fall 2012 season is packing numerous surprises fashion-wise considering the interesting collaborations between brands and celebs, such as Jennifer Lopez‘s line for Kohl’s. The collection signed Jennifer Lopez for Kohl’s revealed numerous fashion forward pieces that can turn heads and that have that chicness that Jennifer Lopez is known to exude through her style.

Focusing on trendy elements that accentuate femininity, Jennifer Lopez managed to create a fashion collection that includes numerous trendy autumnal elements while still infusing her trademark style into each and every piece as the diva revealed that “every look in this collection…is something that people know that I would wear”

From clothes to accessories, Jennifer Lopez has channeled her energy to bring fashionable creations with a bit of an edge, designs that look current without going overboard with opulent details that were apparently huge on the runway this fall 2012 season. Each design has been sprinkled with a bit of sophistication through the soft lines and through the fabrics used while the layering, the colors and soft prints used aim to bring that freshness that makes heads turn.

Apparently, diversity is a key element in Jennifer Lopez’s personal style and the singer made sure to have this detail included into the Jennifer Lopez for Kohl’s fall 2012 collection as from dresses to knitted cardigans, stylish shirts, maxi skirts and fabulous sweaters, the collection features every piece that a woman should own this fall season in her wardrobe.

Moving back and forth between vintage and modern through retro geometric prints, contrasting elements, Old Hollywood glamor styles and contemporary structured dresses, the singer turned designer managed to create a collection that not only suits women with different styles but also with different body shapes as an iconic look can only be achieved with fabulous clothes that also feel good, so make sure to give your wardrobe a total style-over using your fave pieces featured in Jennifer Lopez for Kohl’s fall 2012 collection.

Photos courtesy of Kohl’s