Fashion is all about helping you underline your uniqueness, personality and mood, so it’s more than just putting a few sewn fabrics on, it is an art, a form of expression, so stop fantasizing about becoming a fashion inspiration and ‘breath life’ into your wardrobe by adding those ‘to-die-for’ pieces that are timeless and irrefutably fabulous. One of the fashion labels that aims to connect women’s love for fashion with a never-outdated style is J.Crew’s Collection line.

The brand’s New Collection 2012 lookbook unveils a dreamy limited edition collection composed of luxurious fabrics which are sculpted to perfection through patterns that never go out of style. Fashion is more than grabbing a hold of the latest trends and coping the looks seen on the runways, it’s about expressing yourself through clothes, so don’t search for those last minute outfits if you wish to look fabulous and be budget-smart at the same time as last minute trends will only be hot and popular for one at most a couple of seasons, so you’ll constantly have to revamp your wardrobe to maintain your fashionista status. However, true fashionistas know that timeless pieces that are super hard to find are the ones that will always help you look fabulous, so invest in exquisite designs that feature a perfect overlapping of classic and modern detail.

J.Crew’s New Collection lookbook calls in simplicity and makes the best out of the most luxurious fabrics and materials, so browse through the truly fantastic designs and pick the garments that will make you feel like a diva now and forever. J.Crew’s Collection garments exude simplicity, romanticism and a relaxation, making them a perfect match for women that want to look and feel fabulous without having to go over the top with layering outfits. Layering outfits is an art and not everyone can master it, so why not make things easy for you by choosing clean pieces that can be easily mixed and matched and which have that clean elegance that make heads turn.

Pull up a pair of silk cargo pants and pair them with a cashmere V-neck sweater or slip into an adorable dress and voilà! You managed to achieve a look worthy of a style diva. Flirty silk blouses, linen shirts, sequin and silk skirts, cashmere sweaters and adorable dresses featuring summery colors and glossy fabrics will dare you to resist their style, so browse through the collection and learn how you can become a true fashion icon.

Photos courtesy of Jcrew