Okay all you gorgeous dolls, prepare for a one-of-a-kind festive season! Sartorially speaking, of course! Have you already chosen your statement-making party outfits? Well, if you’re still hunting, you should check out the latest J.Crew Looks We Love Holiday Style 2012 lookbook featuring some pretty cool and unique ideas coming from the famous brand’s fashion director and head stylist, Gayle. Her style mantra? “Don’t overthink it…or better yet, don’t let them know you did.”

So, what’s hot on J.Crew’s holiday list? There are some uber-stylish goodies that allow you to have fun with your styling pulling off notice-me-now ensembles. Oh, but we certainly want to impress this season! And with the label’s offerings we cannot fail! Imagine tailored tartans, lush embellishments, menswear classics and rich pops of red. Boy oh boy, when speaking about to-die-for combinations, we mean boyfriend shirts worn with a stunning hybrid between a tuxedo pant and a track pant, traditional menswear materials paired with feminine sequins, and chic pencil skirts transformed by pairing them with graphic sweaters and shimmery accessories. Oh, you can also try the matchy-matchy approach as it can be really lovely.

Now this is one of those collections that will warm every fashionista’s heart who is into rocking effortlessly chic, relaxed yet stylish combos without giving the illusion of trying too hard. And a pop of color can always do the trick and elevate a simple, dull outfit. What about checks? Yes, please! But this time, double your checks and pair them with animal prints. The result? See it for yourself! Absolutely fabulous and daring! We get the same wow-worthy effect when the already legendary little black dress meets black tie. What about the perfect color mix? A little bit of red against head-to-toe camel is just so amazing.

According to Gayle, this season you can also play with proportions mixing skinny with large or large with skinny. If you want to add a slightly funny touch to your houndstooth look, match it with plaid and a pair of colored heels. Besides, if you have a pair of velvet flats and want to give them a casual twist, sequins are the right answer to your dilemma. Our crush? We totally heart the combination of rich textures in tonal shades of gray and silver. Who can deny the fact that the cashmere hoodie doesn’t look outstanding teamed with that glam sequined lace pencil skirt and snakeskin pumps?

Photos courtesy of J.Crew