Every girl dreams of owning a gorgeous wardrobe packed with some of the hottest fashion items that will make everyone jealous. Designers from esteemed fashion label J.Crew have tried their best to create a collection that brings the best of fashion. The new J.Crew Collection lookbook comes to demonstrate that high quality fabrics and timeless designs can be the key to becoming a style diva, so take a peek at the new collection and select your favorites.

The J.Crew Collection is all about bringing something more to the fashion scene, without losing that uniqueness that makes J.Crew designs a magnet for attention.

J.Crew creative director Jenna Lyons said that the line created under the J.Crew brand brings: “A touch more drama, a touch more luxury, a touch more sophistication- but still totally J.Crew.” The limited edition pieces look amazing and bring a certain Parisian allure with each and every design. Fashion is indeed fabulous and because certain fashion designs that have been created along time still manage to mesmerize, they have become timeless pieces, essential pieces in a woman’s wardrobe, a woman who knows how to look good. Fit for a style icon, the J.Crew Collection will definitely accentuate your fashion-forward style, so take a peek at the must have fashion pieces proposed by J.Crew for the cold season.

The roaring sixties have always made their way back into fashion with pencil skirts, classic menswear double-breasted coats, cashmere turtlenecks, knit sweaters, stylish vests, cool parkas, foundry wool pants and sequin dresses. These fashionable pieces are timeless, meaning you’ll be able to wear your favorites for several seasons in a row without worrying about not looking up-to-date.

Earth tones and fabulous combos featuring brights and neutrals make the collection even more hot, so take a peek at the designs and pick your new season favorites!

Photos courtesy of J.Crew