The cold temperatures make us want to cover it all up and put comfort and coziness above it all. There are times, however, when style and elegance are the main concerns and weddings are a typical example when this concept is essential. Focusing on simplicity, refinement and versatility, the latest fall/holiday 2011 collection released by the J.Crew brand offers several lust-worthy dress styles that can help you stand out.

Although dedicated to bridesmaids, the monochrome dresses can be a fabulous choice for a myriad of occasions. Available in knee length or floor length, the dresses can flatter several types of silhouettes and heights. Slim fitted or more loose fitting, the dresses are fairly well adapted to flatter several body types. Keeping things simple, the brand focuses on creating interest with the help of inconspicuous details such as subtle ruffles, pleats or bows.

The color palette is pretty well defined and offers both vividly saturated tones that instantly pop up along with more neutral tones that have a greater degree of versatility. The options are eye-popping nonetheless, which explains the subtlety with which accessorizing is treated. Aside from necklaces, sandals and occasionally clutches in matching hues, the accessory choices strive to complete the outfits rather than becoming focal points in and of themselves.

Invest in simple, fabulous and incredibly versatile dress styles to be able to make an instant impression this holiday season and even the ones to come. Go for silhouette flattering shapes and lengths to be able to feel your best and highlight your best features.

Photo courtesy of J.Crew