Staying stylish in the cold season is no easy task, yet a little inspiration from the right source can make answering the eternal question of ‘What am I going to wear today? ‘ just a little easier to answer. If you’re into seemingly effortless yet sharp looking outfit styles, the IRO brand can be a worthy source of creative insight.

Staying true to well established style rules is always a safe bet and this is the concept that the brand seems to have adopted for their fall/winter collection. Bringing back some trends that have not necessarily been reflected in this season’s mainstream trends, like patched jeans or tie-dye accents, the line focuses on youthful combos with a modern touch. As fans of the brand would expect it, the color palette is fairly restricted and focuses on the regular favorites such as grey tones, red, white, light blue or black.

Seasonal essentials? Jeans, suits, shearling inserts, leather jackets and a touch of glam. The combos are pretty straight-forward, relying on layering to create interest and adapt the looks to a variety of temperatures. Contrast is created with the help of colors rather than accessories which are kept mostly on the practical side. Thin belts, pointy toe shoes or medium sized colored handbags are the only notable accessory choices presented.

Photo courtesy of IRO