Versatile, universally flattering and fairly low maintenance, denim pieces have become a basic staple in our wardrobe. Despite the variety of mixing and matching opportunities it provides, denim pieces can eventually look dull if lack of creativity gets in the ways causing a style rut. Fortunately, retailers are always prepared to help us avoid a fashion crisis by proving season-appropriate outfit options inspired by the latest fashion trends.

The latest John John Denim ad campaign features the gorgeous Brazilian model Irina Shayk who manages to draw attention instantly, thanks to her natural charisma and her fabulous features. The result? A tasteful, yet sizzling hot ad campaign that is sure to be closely studied by fashion enthusiasts. Although a strong casual vibe seems to be the main emphasis of the collection, the campaign also makes a smooth transition towards more sophisticated attire, in order to be able to suit a wide range of needs.

Although the color palette is not a particularly generous one, being based mainly around neutrals that can be easily mixed and matched together as long as adequate proportions are maintained, the looks are far from being dull. The perfect contrast between proportions, the layering technique used in most of the looks displayed, the wonderful details that add an original touch to the styles presented, the perfect hairstyle and makeup choices are all well thought out in order to create the ultimate sexy look.

Irina Shayk for John John Denim Campaign Irina Shayk for John John Denim Campaign Irina Shayk for John John Denim Campaign

A touch of rebellion can also be noticed at a slightly more careful analysis of the photoshoot. Ripped jeans are well emphasized in various photos, becoming a central point of the campaign. The torn cardigan and the studded asymmetrical t-shirt are all indicative of a strong preference for a carefree style with an edge. However, despite the apparent casualness of the outfits, high heels seem to be the preferred accessory to complete most of the outfits. This intentional touch ups the style quotient of the outfits instantaneously, making them more sophisticated without effort.

Indeed, a fabulous pair of shorts, a versatile cardigan and well chosen accessories are some of the basic fashion staples you should have at hand in order to be able to create highly adaptable looks for the spring summer 2011 season. On the other hand, when a more sophisticated look is required, opting for a little bit of sheen can be a fabulous choice that will immediately create the impression of a more evening appropriate look.

Irina Shayk for John John Denim Campaign Irina Shayk for John John Denim Campaign Irina Shayk for John John Denim Campaign

Photo courtesy of John John Denim