Irina Syak takes a break from the usual Sports Illustrated types of appearances or bathing suit and denim lookbooks to step into the world of sophistication and refinement with the Alessandro Angelozzi label and walks us through a variety of gorgeous pieces fabulous enough to enter in every fashionista’s set of fantasies. Luxury and sophistication dominate every single dress design. Women who expect total attention when they walk into the room will surely find these fabulous dresses a definite attention grabber.

Brides to be will also find a fair share of spectacular alternatives to rock in the most memorable and special day of their life. Romantic vibes, fun proportions and a myraid of intricate patterns transform dresses into veritable works of art completely worthy of the name. The concept of the perfect dress is analyzed to detail in the newest collection by the brand. From the blushing bride allure to the daring glam loving diva, every style personality can be beautifully reflected by the new options presented.

Next to the wonderful contemporary designs, luxury cars complete the exquisite allure of the newest campaign. Indeed, appreciating the finest things in life is what high fashion is all about and the new photos explain the concept beautifully and in the most persuasive manner possible. Pictures are really worth more than a thousand words when it comes to appreciating the craftsmanship and vision behind the label’s creations.

Photo courtesy of Alessandro Angelozzi