Here's a great interview with awesome fashion blogger Anna Pitto of! We had the opportunity to catch up with Anna who talked about her style, her dream job and she also revealed a few useful tips for aspiring bloggers. Have a nosey!

Ah, we just love fashion! And we found some amazingly talented bloggers who have the same passion for fashion. And Anna Pitto is one of them. Hmm, her blog,, is a place where you'll find a riot of outfit ideas but also lots of helpful posts. Check out Anna's exclusive interview!

BG : Why fashion blogging? Let’s start by hearing a little about yourself and your blog.

Anna Pitto: My name is Anna Pitto, I live in Genoa, Italy, I'm 22 and I study Business! Well, I was really bored by my studies, actually. I was a big fan of fashion. I couldn't wait for the next issues of my fav magazines to come out every week. I had the hobby of drawing some dresses-sketches, too. And I could also add that I adore English, so I used it as an excuse to read every day a lot of international blogs. It is like exercising, uh? Then, one day, my boyfriend and my sister together pushed me to open one all mine: and this is it! It has become my best companion when I want to escape from those boring numbers, laws and graphics.

BG:Do you find it difficult to separate your blog from other blogs?

Anna Pitto: I always try to create that distinctive gap I usually look for when I read other inspirational blogs. It is really difficult. Sometimes I feel like I'm copying someone, and it is really an annoying feeling: I'd love to reach uniqueness everytime I can. And that is my purpose!

Interview with Fashion Blogger Anna Pitto

BG: How would you describe your own personal style?
Anna Pitto: I keep it simple. I love basic outfits, adorned with bright jewelry or eye-catching accessories! For example: skinny jeans, white t-shirt, colored ballerinas and matchy-matchy maxi-necklace. That's it. Let down hair and a little bit of lipstick maybe! Sometimes, on the other hand, I wear elegant adorned dresses with little clutches and high heels. I like to focus on a particular detail everytime, to sum up.

BG: Who or what has been your greatest fashion influence? Do you have a style icon?
Anna Pitto: I got most of my inspiration from my family. Especially thanks to 4 figures: my grandma is the most elegant woman I know (she easily wears wide-legs Jacob Cohen jeans, red Converse and an Hermes pendant, but she is a big fan of cachemere leggings too!), my aunt number one (brunette, with a passion for flowered silk shirts, and a strong Mediterranean look which make us look alike), my aunt number two (blonde, with an addiction to high-heeled shoes and amazing bags), and my cousin/best friend (she looks like a model, and I mean, for real, so everything she wears looks beautiful on her, but she also is one of the most best-dressed girls I know!). I have some other icons, such as Ines de la Fressange, Olivia Palermo, Miroslava Duma, Hanneli Mustaparta, Anne Hathaway.

BG: What is the one item in your wardrobe you couldn't live without?
Anna Pitto: A brown pull. When I study, my outfit is usually composed by it, a pair of jeans/leggings and a t-shirt. Plus, a maxi bag for all the stuff!

Interview with Fashion Blogger Anna Pitto

BG: Your favorite designers and brands?
Anna Pitto: Oh-oh this is the most difficult question of the entire interview. I could simply say Chanel, Saint Laurent and Louboutin...But I prefer to invite you to follow my blog and discover some other designers, famous or not, I walked into during this blog-period ;)

BG: You can't leave house without...
Anna Pitto: I can't leave house'm a very-organised girl. Or my bag is.

BG: Your favorite magazine is..
Anna Pitto: I know it is strange but I adore the 4 yearly numbers of H&M magazines! I also read a lot of piles of Elle and Glamour.

BG: What would be the ideal job for you?
Anna Pitto: I don't know yet. I'm a bit confused about it. I'd love to continue something linked to the web-marketing, which is really interesting to me. But I would also love to take part into my family business which is completely out of fashion!

BG: Finally, any advice for those getting into fashion blogging?
Anna Pitto: Have fun, and always look for beautiful things: maybe you'll become that who is looked for!

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Photos: Followpix by Anna Pitto