Jerome Centeno of The Chic Styler shares his wardrobe staples and fashion inspiration and gives us a few tricks on how to mix colors and prints in order to pull off uber-voguish looks. Check out the interview!

Did someone just say super-duper combos? Oh, but when it comes to unexpected and traffic-stopping outfits, The Chic Styler is definitely an everyday must-read. Jerome Centeno is the man behind this blog that offers a riot of enviable looks. So, we had the opportunity to chat with Jerome about his style and love for fashion. Have a nosey! First of all, let me tell you that your style is just awesome. You love to play around with different looks and that's amazing. When did you first fall in love with fashion?

Jerome Centeno: I started falling in love with fashion during my high school days. I was like 16-17 years, if I’m not wrong. At school I was the only boy who wore a blazer and a tie among the other guys. LOL!
And my school was full of those rich and classy kids that wore branded clothes and shiny sneakers…Well, that was the moment when I started to observe and be curious about their fashion and lifestyle. It was then when I asked myself “Why can’t I be like them?”. Then, the internet answered my question on how to dress cheap but look chic through blogs, online magazines and other style and fashion articles. And I began to build up my own personal style and interest on style and fashion.

BG: Who is Jerome Centeno? What's important to you?

JC: Jerome Centeno is a 22-year-old guy newly-based in Milan, Italy as a visual merchandiser at Zara Man. He is also a life lover, open-minded, creative blogger and photographer.

Blogger Jerome Centeno of The Chic Styler

BG: How did you get the idea for the blog?

JC: The Chic Styler was born for my desire to share my thoughts about life, style, fashion and random things. The name of the blog is very related to my job. As a Visual Merchandiser I basically show the way to dress a garment, valuing it the best I can to the clients. So as a blogger, I do the same thing… I show my readers how to dress and focus more on shaping their own personal style and not depend too much on fashion or trends. It’s like giving tips to my readers on having the right guide and find their true style. My blog is focused on my own personal style but then I aim to help my readers to find their own too!

BG: You're not the color shy type and you somehow always manage to pull off some really cool combos mixing bold colors and prints. And I couldn't help noticing your attention to details. Is there a trick to this?

JC: I admit it! And thanks! I love combining colors, prints and patterns! My trick is very simple… Applying touches of color and prints on a look is like drawing on a blank piece of paper. Start with a color that you want to be the focal point and then try to throw on different kind of colors and prints that could go with it. The crazier they are, the better they look when put together. But be careful on combing prints. Start with the main print you want to pop up then just add micro prints that aren’t immediately noticed. And remember.. Don’t care too much about what people say and think, the street is the catwalk! Walk it with confidence and your head held high.

BG: How would you describe your style? Do you follow trends? Where do you find inspiration?

JC: My style is very moody, fun, vintage, chic and urban. I don’t follow trends. Since I’m a blogger I’m one of those who contribute to launching trends! Hehe!! My source of inspiration comes from anything, but mostly from people I see on the streets.

BG: Do you think men are afraid to try new things when it comes to fashion?

JC: Hmm… of course, probably 80% of men are afraid to be called homosexual for that reason.
Not all stylish men are gay. Straight or gay, when it comes to style and fashion it doesn’t matter… it’s all about being bold and having the balls to carry an outfit. Always respect your neighbor if you want to be respected as well. I’ve been judged as being homosexual many times because of my boldness on wearing bright colors, but I’m straight. Let’s be clear here, okay?! LOL! (If you are happy and single, give me a call at this number….3208061977) haha.. No, seriously…call me! MAYBE?!

BG: Your wardrobe staples... Do you have items in your wardrobe you couldn't live without?

JC: Blazers and rucksacks! I have one closet full of blazers. You can’t even imagine how many I have! (jaw drop) Blazers really represent my true style. And rucksacks as well, because they are so comfy and easy to wear. Also, because I bring my entire house on my back! That’s why.

Interview with Blogger Jerome Centeno of The Chic Styler Style Blogger Jerome Centeno of The Chic Styler

BG: Favorite designers and brands...

JC: I don’t really have favorite brands actually, as long I like them…I’ll wear them.

BG: What's that one piece in a man's wardrobe you believe women hate the most?

JC: Good question. Okay, this is a hard question! Hmm… I think hats. Most of my girlfriends don’t like to see me wearing hats. They say that wearing hats hides the beauty of your hair and guys on my age…shouldn’t be wearing hats. Hats are for boys and for men with a certain age. Cool guys don’t wear hats or caps.

BG: You currently live in Milan, one of the world's main fashion capitals. Ever think about living somewhere else?

JC: Milan is a beautiful city, you can feel and breath fashion here. It’s the city for creative and crazy minds! If I could live in a different county or city…I wish to live in London. Way more my city type.

BG: How do you think blogging will evolve?

JC: Honestly, I have no idea. We are growing in number everyday and that’s good, but the more we are it’s not easy for many to access on a great success. But hey! The challenge is that…
Bloggers should find their very own way on communicating and their own style to be noticed.
Maybe it’s time to stop on posting our daily outfits and talk about more on other stuff, right?

BG: Do you have some tips for aspiring bloggers? What makes you a successful blogger?

JC: A successful blogger should have a strong personality and be fun, creative, independent, humble, respecting the other co-bloggers and with very a unique way of communicating to people.
We are not in a competition of “Who is the best or who sucks the most.” NO. A successful blogger is one that really cares and helps their own readers to find their own personal style.

BG: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

JC: In a big company, working as a stylist in famous brand! YAY!

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