She’s a student by day, blogger and handcrafter by night. She has a youthful style while her designs are achingly lovely and romantic. We managed to catch blogger Connie Cao of K is for Kani for a quick interview and talked about her fashion rules, her favourite designers but also about the gorgeous handmade headpieces she creates. Take a peek!

BG: Describe yourself in five words.Connie Cao: Feminine, floral, passionate, loving, human.

BG: What are your greatest passions?Connie Cao: Fashion and design and everything that goes with it.

BG: What is a typical day in the life of Connie?Connie Cao: I am a full time uni student so most of the time I am busy studying, otherwise, I’m busy in my home studio making headpieces or blogging!

BG: How did you start blogging? What made you want to start up your blog?Connie Cao: I was always fond of the idea of having an online visual diary. I also loved putting websites together – I created my first website when I was about 14 and always wanted to explore further!

Interview with Blogger and Handcrafter Connie Cao of K is for Kani

BG: Can you tell us a few things about your blog. How it differs from other fashion blogs?Connie Cao: I hope that people who view my blog can relate to my style and be inspired. Everything I wear I wear because I love it.

BG: We know that you also design! Your handmade headpieces are absolutely gorgeous! Tell us something about your designs. And where can we find them?Connie Cao: I create lots of nature inspired handmade headpieces which are available for sale at my etsy store – don’t be surprised when you see birds, butterflies and all sorts of garden blooms arranged on these headpieces. I just love being inspired by nature and a lot of my customers come looking for special pieces for weddings, festivals, milestone birthdays and the like.

BG: How would you describe your style?Connie Cao: Preppy, colourful, youthful.

Interview with Blogger and Handcrafter Connie Cao of K is for Kani

BG: Do you have a fashion rule you never break?Connie Cao: I don’t have fashion rules!

BG: What are your three favorite fashion items that you could not live without?Connie Cao: My vintage leather bag, my Miu Miu sunglasses and LV bag.

BG: Where do you find inspiration? Are there any fashion icons or celebrities whose style you admire?Connie Cao: I am inspired by everything and anything. On the street, in magazines, etc.

BG: Do you have favorite designers/brands?Connie Cao: Current favourites include Miu Miu & Marc Jacobs.

BG: What would you say to someone seeking fashion advice or to aspiring bloggers?Connie Cao: Go for it with all your heart!

Keep an eye on Connie’s work on K is for Kani or via her Facebook or Twitter Photos: K is for Kani