Update your casual looks with eclectic touches in order to stand out this fall. Take a quick glimpse at the Insight fall 2012 lookbook for a few simple ideas to jazz up your looks.

If you prefer receiving the new season in a quite casual note rather than indulging in all the elegant side of fashion, you'll need to arm yourself with plenty of creativity and resourcefulness in order to create fabulous looks. Fortunately, a variety of labels come to rescue those in need. Insight has certainly prepared its fair share of delightful alternatives worth embracing. From ultra covetable denim staples to styling rules, there are plenty of interesting concepts that leave us wanting more.

There's no need to give up on trendy touches in order to stay effortlessly chic. In fact, the label greatly encourages patterns and color in order to avoid staying stuck in a safe style zone which can easily lead to boredom. Long sleeve dresses, faded shorts, a variety of tribal inspired pieces or unexpected color combos are the style suggestions for the months to come. No need to stack your colored jeans in the back of the closet. Pair them with a comfy long sweater for a gorgeous statement look that will serve you well.

From rather common pieces like striped blouses to multitoned denim on denim outfits, color is extensively used in order to highlight the main focal points. Still, whether you opt for a light touch of femininity and go for one of the dress styles presented or prefer a more boyish type of look, comfort is an extremely valued attribute. This is why there's no need to go for shoes that make you feel uncomfortable. A little bit of masculinity as far as footwear is concerned goes right in line with the options the label gladly endorses for the upcoming months.

Photo courtesy of Insight