The new season trends seem to be cleverly divided between flowy designs and a more practical approach which revolves around geometric touches. For its spring 2013 collection, the Iceberg label seems to have opted mainly for the second approach. The practical and versatile side of dressing is emphasized to a greater degree than passing trends, even though we get to see the label’s take on the new season prints of choice.

A variety of inspirations were encompassed in the new collection of the Italian fashion house. From western renascences to 70s prints and a little bit of the ’80s rebellious vibe, the label has brought a multitude of interesting pieces worth considering. The retro touch is extremely noticeable even though proportion-wise, things are kept up to date. Rather than focusing on either masculine touches or uber feminine combos, the label brings both perspectives in different ways.

Long sleeved dresses, classy jumpsuits, studded jackets, well established proportions or funky accessories are just some of the main suggestions the label offers for the upcoming season. From bold combos to mixing prints, the label sure offers plenty of interesting alternatives for a variety of style preferences. The options range from daring to conservative and even a little bohemian, so there are plenty of options to choose from for everyone.

Once again, the bold tones or busy prints greatly reduce the need for accessories. A bold cross pendant necklace, a thick belt or a versatile pair of shoes are all that’s needed to perk up a look inspired by the label’s newest creations. Diversity and boldness are the two factors that will undoubtely mark the new season looks and creativity will definitely be rewarded.

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