The Iceberg fall 2013 collection brought the glorious 80s back into the spotlight with a fun twist. The brand opted for exploring new style directions which maintained some of the style characteristics the label is known for while at the same time going for a bit more refinement than in the past. The sporty vibe Iceberg is best known for is in favor of more refined vibes which come with more structured looks. The line confirmed the general style direction endorsed by the industry’s leaders.

The focus on perfectly defined proportions, the clear preference for abstract motifs along with the desire to create a strong contrast through highlighting various proportions are just some of the hot trends the Iceberg fall 2013 collection brings into the spotlight. The brand is a big proponent of high impact pieces which have the potential to banish any blues associated with the cold seasons and thus it’s not surprising to find out that the new line features quite a lot of color blocking by the current standards imposed by previous alternatives.

Iceberg Fall 2013 Collection

The Iceberg fall 2013 collection excels at bringing wearable outfits which just happen to be on the daring side of the spectrum and this is by far the most important attribute of the new line. Amazing chromatic blends, spectacular intricate patterns an amazing balance between functionality and visual interest are some of the alternatives which makes the options from the new Iceberg fall 2013 collection so inspirational. A feminine allure that falls on the reserved side with a few easily distinguishable masculine touches are the focus of the new season.

The path to dazzling fall 2013 outfits seems to be set on finding amazing high impact choices and adopting them to fit your personality. Whether it means investing in fab sweaters, leather and oversized coats or simply creating bold proportions and livening things up with a few vibrant accents, the options to stand out in the new season are fun and varied enough to inspire fashionistas with different needs and preferences to explore new directions.

Iceberg Fall 2013 Collection Iceberg Fall 2013 Collection Iceberg Fall 2013 Collection Iceberg Fall 2013 Collection

Photo courtesy of Iceberg