Iceberg's show is definitely one to watch at Milan Fashion Week! Check out some of the brand's hottest previous offerings and make sure you check back for updates!

The upcoming fall 2013 shows at Milan Fashion Week 2013 promise to display some of the hottest trends for the cold-weather season. And among the wold's most famous designers that will be showcasing their creations you'll also be able to discover the latest designs delivered by Italian luxury fashion house Iceberg. Ah, and we're sure that once again the famous brand will surprise the audience with a range of unique, unmistakable goodies.

Iceberg's has always brought versatile and extremely stylish pieces that can satisfy every fashionista's sartorial cravings. For their spring 2011 collection , Paolo Gerani's main source of inspiration was '70s fashion. So, there were oversized men's blazers with pushed-up sleeves, silk skirts, jumpsuits with embroidered straps, silk button-downs, soft pants, and A-line skirts worn with high-heeled sandals and cool clutches. A '60s-inspired flare was spotted in Iceberg's fall 2011 line that featured tweed suits, jackets with golden buttons, knit coats, mini-skirts and shorts.

Charlotte Rampling's "contemporary alternative lifestyle" was Gerani's starting point for the Iceberg spring 2012 collection. Paillettes, prints and a color palette that included black, white, red, lemon yellow, pink, strawberry, coral, florescent yellow, blue, silver, and fuchsia were the main ingredients of the brand's sporty-chic line.

Iceberg at Milan Fashion Week Fall 2013 Iceberg at Milan Fashion Week Fall 2013

Well, the seventies are back for Iceberg's fall 2012 collection! Having as source of inspiration Marianne Faithfull, the brand's line featured pantsuits, goat jackets, long-sleeved jackets, and some beautiful psychedelic prints adding a hippie touch to Paolo Gerani's designs. Ah, but we are head over heels with Iceberg's spring 2013 collection. Imagine stunningly embroidered blouses, caftan dresses, maxi skirts with slits up the thigh, short jackets, and an array of jaw-dropping patterns!

Iceberg will be showcasing their new fall 2013 collection at Milan Fashion Week on February 22. If you want to see the brand's offer, check back for updates!

Update! Have a look at the new Iceberg fall 2013 collection!

Iceberg at Milan Fashion Week Fall 2013 Iceberg at Milan Fashion Week Fall 2013 Iceberg at Milan Fashion Week Fall 2013 Iceberg at Milan Fashion Week Fall 2013

Photo courtesy of Iceberg