Familiarizing ourselves with the new season goodies that await is much easier now that some of the most important names in the industry are releasing fab campaigns to make their hottest offerings more memorable. For the Hugo Boss Black label, the spring 2013 fashion revolves around fairly simple pieces that shine in classy combos which combine the effortless chic concept with the elegance and luxury that truly defines a high end label. Knowing how to highlight the beauty of the main piece is often more valuable than embracing complex style rules and the label sure proves it through a myriad of classy combos.

Hugo Boss has never been known for bringing over the top style suggestions, yet both the new offerings and the winter 2012 campaign show a prudent approach when it comes to fashion which aims to do well and cater to those who view clothes and accessories an investment, especially in the current economic climate in which this thought process is among the most prevalent ones. Gorgeous dresses, simple yet feminine combos and a well placed minimalism when it comes to design are some of the style directions the label revolves around for the warm season to come.

The classy route is without a doubt a safe one to take yet is by no means a plain or boring one as long as the right concepts are being emphasized. Whether you decide to opt for simple monochrome pieces or abstract prints which are in a way the general style direction trend-wise, putting the right focus on accessories is the one detail that makes all the difference. From practical and luxurious handbags to fab sunglasses, each element plays a crucial role in the overall effect of the looks presented.

Whether you use accessories to add a colorful punch to an outfit or simply to make sure that your needs are being met and and complete your looks, the new offerings are designed to give you maximum mixing and matching opportunities to really bring out the best in one’s style. Smart and stylish is really one of the best approaches out there, so if you strive for a similar allure, learn from these spectacular new looks, beautifully presented by the brand.

Photo courtesy of Hugo Boss