The Hugo Boss holiday 2013 campaign brings British model Lily Donaldson into the spotlight, posing against the backdrop of a city landscape at night. The German label prepared its usual assortment of sharply tailored pieces, bringing a variety of modern and ultra classy combos into the spotlight, under the creative direction of David Hagglund. It takes quite a lot of creativity to turn a simple black combo into a stunning look, however, the masterminds behind the luxury brand manage to shape our perception as to what style options a classic piece can offer with each new campaign.

This year’s stunning options revolve around elegant black dresses, classy accessories and a few masculine inspired pieces for those who want to explore a more androgynous look in the upcoming season. The Hugo Boss holiday 2013 ads feature a multitude of minimalist looks with a strong modern flair which could rival any look inspired by the year’s most eye-catching trends. The best thing about the new looks by far, is how polished yet effortless they really are. Moreover, whether a sultry, feminine style perspective is adopted or masculine accents are preferred, the looks radiate sophistication.

Hugo Boss Holiday 2013

The stunning accessories the new Hugo Boss campaign for holiday 2013 brings into the spotlight have a significant influence on the overall allure of the new looks. Gorgeous clutches featuring exotic skin patterns and simple metallic details are among the label’s suggestions for finishing up a classy festive look. As far as the shoes are concerned, the stylistic approach is very similar: classy and sultry options with a cool timeless allure.

Hugo Boss Christmas 2013 Campaign

A pair of pointy toe pumps crafted out of fine leather is a gorgeous option that is sure to be a versatile choice you can use for seasons to come. The modern jewelry choices are a great option for adding a trendy vibe to an otherwise classy look. A statement bracelet is a great alternatives for adding an edgy allure to a simple outfit.

Hugo Boss Holiday 2013 Ad CampaignHugo Boss Holiday 2013 Ads

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