As plus size fashion continues to make news, plus size models have never before been in such high demand. Here are some tips on how to become a plus size model.

Beautiful plus size women are everywhere but knowing if you have what it takes to be a model is the key. Becoming a plus size model may require a little extra height and an ideal size range, but you'll also need drive and a tough skin to make it in the industry. If you've got what it takes and you're interested in plus size modeling, review the basics to get started and get your portfolio out there.

Criteria for Plus Size Modeling

If you’re wondering what are the criteria for becoming a plus size model, note that generally, plus size modeling agencies are looking for models who are between 5’9” and 6’0” and wear a size 10/12 to 14/16. Having said that, there are plus models who are making a living and do not fit the above criteria for plus size modeling. They have had to work harder to get to where they are in their careers as plus size models.

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Money Needed to Be a Plus Size Model

As plus size modeling is a business, in order to be a plus size model you will have to invest something in the business of you! Testing with photographers, body maintenance (teeth whitening, nails, hair, etc.) and traveling are just some of the investments you will have to make to become a plus size model. You will also need the time for castings and networking, so you will have to find a day job that offers income and flexibility so that you can pursue your career goals of becoming a plus model.

Create Your Plus Size Model Portfolio

When you're first breaking into the plus size fashion industry, you won’t need a full portfolio to begin making inquiries. Instead, concentrate on photographs that show your natural beauty and that aren’t particularly staged or posed. They’re the right way to go when you’re wondering how to become a plus size model. Aim for at least one high-quality face shot and a full-body shot in simple, flattering attire.

Contact Plus Size Modeling Agencies

You'll need to get in touch with plus size modeling agencies to jumpstart your professional career, but educate yourself about the "right" agencies. Check out the agencies' reputations with other professionals in the industry, and never pay fees to apply or sign onto an agency.

Call the top three plus size modeling agencies in your area and schedule appointments to meet. On the day of your appointment, wear comfortable, semi-casual clothing that fit well. Consider wearing a pair of kitten heels to add a little extra height without being overly obvious.

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