Bold, seductive and well proportioned, the transitional outfit ideas from the Honor NYC pre-fall 2012 collection are sure to spark excitement and interest among fashionistas looking to stay gorgeous all season long. Giovanna Randall prepared a terrific selection of classy alternatives for those who are in love with the current options that the season provides and plan to stay here as long as possible.

Feminine and classy are two traits every woman would like to exude and the grand majority of the looks presented are based exactly on such principles. The season’s favorite fashion trends come back in a delightfully simple manner and help us make use of the multitude of fabulous pieces that might have entered our wardrobe already. Bold toned pants, peplums, gorgeous dresses or long, statement coats all tailored to perfection and combined with care and creativity encourage us to put classiness and elegance more often in our radar and use them to our advantage.

The fall season often means a break from ultra conspicuous florals and a bigger focus on more subdued patterns and colors and the tendency is reflected throughout the collection with the help of abstract prints and/or effects like ombre. Advocating tried and tested style rules, the brand sticks to simple layering and a clear sense of proportions in order to create interest. Occasional statement pieces like leather tops or skirts provide a sense of excitement while still maintaining that polished, put-together ladylike allure.

Since there’s so much visual interest created through the combos and the pieces themselves, there’s not much need for over the top accessories and as a result, the options are centered around classy black pumps, sandals, gold jewelry pieces or fun sunglasses which add a mysterious side and bring out the fancy allure of the collection in a matter of seconds. Go for the tried and true style principles towards style perfection for the transitional days of the year.

Photo courtesy of Honor NYC