If you can’t stop thinking of the sandy beaches, tall palm trees and crystal clear water that dominate your dream summer retreat spot, you probably won’t be able to take your eyes off the new H&M WaterAid 2012 collection. The label brought to the fashion scene beach-perfect garments that are meant to make you feel like a true style icon. The entire collection exudes warmth and relaxation due to the interesting prints that dominate the designs as with Hawaii as the theme inspiration behind the line, the results couldn’t have been any less mesmerizing.

H&M for Water brings to the fashion scene garments that suggest the return to the basics, so if you’re all about reinventing yourself, opt for fashionable pieces that are old faithfuls and that will be able to underline your classic chic style. The brand continues its exciting venture into vintage and classic resort-wear by using sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton, fabrics which not only provide plenty of comfort but are also environmentally friendly.

Versatility is the buzzword in fashion this year and H&M didn’t overlook this aspect as the brand introduced to the H&M for Water line various designs and prints that shift from excess to less, shedding light on all-floral and nature prints to simple, mono chromatic garments. The collection which is full of free-spirited, super chic, easy to match items is exactly what fashionistas need to feel liberated while chilling under the sun in their favorite paradisiacal retreat, so browse through all of the designs and mix and match various garments to achieve a look that is totally you.

Flirty tops, stylish skirts, cute jumpers, dresses, swimwear pieces as well as accessories including floral earrings and matching necklaces, cat-eye sunglasses, a beach-perfect bag and floral flip-flops await your touch so you can display them in the most unique manner. Go for an all over floral/palm tree print, go all monochrome or mix cool monochromes with flirty prints as either way you’ll surely manage to make heads turn!

Apart from being super fun and eco-friendly, the collection, which is set to hit the shelves starting May 31st, also underlines the importance of water in other countries. H&M will donate 25% of the sales from this collection to WaterAid, an organization which helps provide clean water and sanitation to the poorest areas in the world, so be fashionable and charitable at the same time by picking up your favorite items from the new H&M for Water collection.

Photos courtesy of H&M