The H&M summer 2013 lookbook takes on a more sophisticated path to style compared to what we’ve been used to seeing from the brand and all we have to say is that we’re counting the days ’till the fabulous collection hits the shelves! The giant Swedish clothing company tapped Julia Hafstrom for its summer 2013 lookbook and the company couldn’t have made a better decision as the porcelain-skin model rocked the chic and sophisticated garments with a vintage twist, putting each outfit into value.

The lineup got us hooked on it since we first caught a glimpse at the cool dark and bright abstract details print shorts paired with a matching top, a tucked in – buttoned down neutral shirt and a cool kimono-inspired jacket. Abstract prints created out of mashups of contrasting pigments gave a fresh yet artistic approach to the designs making them stand out and capture attention seemingly effortlessly!

H&M Summer 2013 Lookbook H&M Summer 2013 Lookbook H&M Summer 2013 Lookbook

Different styles are proposed in the H&M summer of 2013 lookbook, meaning you ladies will have a blast playing with designs that range from maxi light-as-aid dresses, palazzo pants, shorts, classic cut skirts and lovely jackets. Diversity is a detail ever-present in H&M lookbooks and this particular lineup didn’t overlook this important aspect, bringing contrasting shades and fabrics and mishmashing them to perfection!

Now, apart from the gorgeous jackets, shorts, dresses and 3D detailed blouses, the collection also featured an element that will surely make people stare: the shoes paired with visible, colorful ankle length socks! This is not exactly a never-before-seen trend, but it is a comeback trend which delivers quite the visual kick, so if you think this look has an oh-so-chic allure be sure to give it a try.

H&M’s new summer 2013 collection will definitely fly off the shelves as soon as the line makes its debut, so make sure you keep an eye on your favorites to avoid missing out on the style boosting powers of this sizzling trend!

H&M Summer 2013 Lookbook H&M Summer 2013 Lookbook H&M Summer 2013 Lookbook

Photo courtesy of H&M