The H&M spring/summer 2011 collection brings casual, laidback, yet chic items perfect for the warm season. Long dresses and skirts, ’70s-inspired flare high-waisted pants, cardigans, shorts, vests and blazer jackets are some of the key elements in the new line that perfectly mixes fun and classic minimalism using colors, shapes and prints.

“It’s great to reinvent your wardrobe at the beginning of a new season. Fashion doesn’t change as drastically as it used to, so you could easily get last season’s favourites to work with smart updates. Safe buys for spring are cool classics in beige or white, and the longer skirts and dresses feel new and very feminine”, says H&M’s head of design Ann-Sofie Johansson.

The color palette of the collection contains shades of nude, beige, brown, black, white, but also playful brights and different desirable prints. Versatile and affordable, the H&M collection for spring/summer 2011 is so wearable and seems to focus mainly on the practical side of clothes.

The H&M spring/summer 2011 collection features various refined white and nude items. In fact, second-skin shades represent a soft, feminine choice for hot summer days used for maxi skirts, blouses, shirts, and jackets. Besides, the fine texture of the fabrics add a feminine and natural vibe without looking boring. Leather shorts also appear in the collection, this time making a major fashion statement.

Taking a look at the spring/summer 2011 collection from H&M, one can easily say that there is beauty in simple things. And indeed, the latest line of the Swedish label totally proves this statement as the key elements take us back to basics through simple, clean lines. A smart design that speaks about the magic side of common, ordinary pieces which hide inside one powerful feeling and a lot of style. Among all these, the eternal denim seems to come back every season.

This season is time to break all the rules. If until now you thought that brights are too daring for you, spring/summer 2011 demands a total reconsideration when it comes to unlikely choices such as bold, bright shades. From yellow and pink to green and blue, brights are one of the hottest trends for the warm season. The H&M collection includes breathtaking, flowing maxi dresses that smoothly embrace the silhouette. Among so many brights, floral, animal and graphic prints, but also body-sculpting stripes are back once again in order to add a seductive touch to the overall look.

Photos courtesy of H&M