Swedish retail brand H&M is putting the fun back into fashion as the brand chose to re-energize the fashion scene with its spring 2013 creations. A preview of H&M‘s spring 2013 collection proves that in the upcoming season affordable-priced fashion enthusiasts will have all the necessary props to look and feel fresh and fabulous, so no wonder that the sneak-peak given by the label got fashionistas buzzing with excitement.

The designs have comfort and style written all over as H&M knows what the ladies want when it comes to everyday fashion, so it’s no surprise that the outfits that have been leaked by the label include stylish biker jackets, achromatic and colorful skinny jeans, lovely knitted sweaters, a colorful display of cardigans, flirty tops, skirts and many other fashion items and designs that have reached a high level of popularity in fashion and that will tempt you from first glimpse.

The spring 2013 fashion scene has been focused on reviving clean and chic elements to balance the statement styles that have dominated the fashion world for quite a few seasons now, and it seems that this is the path to style H&M also chose to take with its newest collection, a back to the basics style path that comes as a breath of fresh air after a season dominated by dark tones, glamor overload and statement elements. Honeys that love pretty pastels will have a blast mixing and matching their favorite H&M garments this spring as the designs display wonderful, soft and warm feel pigments that will sweep you off your feet as who can resist the fresh and feminine allure of pink tones, soft peach, baby blue, mint green, mauve, turquoise and yellow?! However, achromatic pigments and earth tones were also featured in the collection to give balance and contrast, so dare to mix and match as the options are limitless this upcoming season.

The wearability level that characterizes this collection is quite impressive as each and every garment looks chic and relaxed, so be warned that this particular collection will hypnotize you into spending more than you planed since the designs exude an addictive effortlessly chicness!

Photos courtesy of H&M