The new season sizzles at H&M as far as fashion goes as the Swedish fashion and accessories brand created a stylish spring 2013 fashion collection featuring statement elements that make heads turn. The inspirations that sit behind the collection are highly visible, so from baroque styles to Mongolian-inspired outfits to cool western inspired pieces, anything seems to go.

While some of the designs ooze femininity, others take a certain Balmanesque approach to style through strong lines that add a certain fierceness to the look and that help give the collection a totally different look compared to what we’ve been used to seeing at H&M lately. When it comes to style, variety is highly advised and H&M definitely made sure to bring varied designs to the fashion scene with its spring 2013 collection, so fashionistas can easily find up-to-date styles that match their mood perfectly.

For the past couple of seasons, dresses and skirts have been a must when it comes to women’s fashion, so obviously the brand’s spring lookbook couldn’t have missed out on these essentials. Prepare to be amazed by chic and eye catching pieces such as maxi dresses, traditional looking tassel skirts featuring an embellished waistband, vintage inspired dresses, mini skirts and pencil fringe skirts.

As if these designs weren’t enough to get us say SOLD, the collection brings to the fashion scene edgy and borrowed from the boys pieces that provide plenty of comfort through the straight lines and oversized patterns used in the creation process. Thus, studded leather jackets, intricate floral print pieces, embellished leggings, patchwork embellished jackets and bohemian accessories make the collection jaw-dropping and a perfect match for the honeys that want to make themselves noticed.

As a counterweight, the brand mixed simple, monochrome pieces with its other sophisticated designs to create a totally harmonious look. Pineapple print tank tops, shirts whether simple or with Western influences, T-shirts and silk lounge suits enable fashionistas that have a penchant for clean and chic elements to find themselves surrounded by irresistible pieces that will lure them into making more room in their wardrobe, so consider yourself warned before you browse through H&M’s upcoming addictive fashion collection that will surely freshen-up your style!

Photos courtesy of H&M