H&M has given us quite an impressive number of new season alternatives for spring/summer 2013, however, it doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. It is one of the most important influencers after all. This time, the label is rounding out the season’s hottest options in a fab campaign which brings together the most interesting trends adopted by the label. Models Constance Jablonksi and Nadja Bender strike a pose in the season’s hottest looks from the label.

H&M’s commitment to satisfy a variety of needs for many fashionistas is well reflected in the latest spring 2013 campaign. The label plays with romantic florals, bold and classy animal prints, a variety of abstract motifs, spectacular edgy vibes for a stunning modern effect every single time. For high impact without too much effort rich vivid tones are always a great answer especially since the new season is focused mostly around eye-catching combos which instantly manage to steal the spotlight as opposed to delicate offerings which play up a more conventional romantic approach.

H&M Spring 2013 Campaign H&M Spring 2013 Campaign

It’s interesting to see how some of the top trends for spring 2013 like leather pieces are incorporated into spectacular new season outfits with a fun attitude. Mixing casual pieces or even shirts with a romantic vibe are the great options for incorporating your past season favorites into amazing on trend outfits that will certainly put you in the spotlight. If you have an affinity towards edgy motifs like skulls and love to show off your lower body, printed pants may be the way to go. The new options give plenty of ideas for those looking to make a strong statement during the hot seasons.

If there’s one style element that received a lot of love lately, it’s definitely the peplum. The options in this area are certainly interesting and the label does its best to offer attractive ways of incorporating this trend into amazing new season looks. Whether you opt for classy toned down looks or want to make a fab statement rocking prints from head to toe, this season don’t try to shy away from the spotlight. Whatever your style, the H&M spring 203 collections are varied enough to enable one to shine without relying on a narrow set of options.

H&M Spring 2013 Campaign H&M Spring 2013 Campaign H&M Spring 2013 Campaign

Photo courtesy of H&M