We can always count on H&M to bring us immediately usable fashion inspiration to keep us looking trendy every single day. The September 2012 lookbook is a perfect example on how to adapt to the changes the new season brings without over-thinking things. The label has always mastered the art of taking simple concepts and turning them around to create covetable outfits with a fun modern touch. As the season changes, so do our needs fashion-wise and taking a simple approach to tackle the changes can prove immensely helpful.

The label brings fun ideas for both casual wear and more formal attire options while beautifully reflecting some of the most fun and flirty new season trends. Although the color palette invariably changes, it doesn’t mean that the underlying principle does the same. The preference for bold tones that defined the hot season is still reflected through season appropriate bold tones. Now’s the time to indulge in comfy warm sweaters, go bold and experiment with a little leather or even faux fur if the trend falls well in your comfort zone.

Simple layering techniques along with a few well chosen and well placed accessories can be all the things you need to sport fabulous looks this fall. You can go for fun urban touches or you can embrace a more lady-like look if you’re more into showing off your feminine features. Either way, going for versatile pieces is a sure way to avoid the nothing-to-wear syndrome. With some clever strategies in your sleeve you can spice things up and look spectacular without overspending.

Whether you’re planning on getting fun knitted dresses, bold toned pieces, studded collars or edgy leather pants, you should always keep in mind that accessories are crucial for making relatively simple pieces stand out. Gloves, thin belts, shoes or handbags in a contrasting tone or carefully selected jewelry pieces are just some of the things that can make a simple look stand out. Opt for some of these easy ideas for a painless new season transition.

Photos courtesy of H&M