Chicness overload is brought by the new H&M Modern Retro spring 2013 lookbook as the giant Swedish retailer focused on bringing fashionistas numerous style options to take and still look fashionable this year and one of these styles that will bring true fashionistas to their knees is retro with a modern twist!

Now, after watching some of the world’s most popular models parade down the catwalk waring the creations of some of them most reputable fashion houses today, determining that vintage/retro is the ultimate style to focus on isn’t exactly difficult. The fact that H&M chose to push forward this particular trend shouldn’t be surprising as the fashion & accessories retailer has always tried to bring designs that cover the latest trends in fashion and the H&M Modern Retro spring 2013 lookbook demonstrates just how serious the brand takes its role in fashion!

H&M Modern Retro Spring 2013 Lookbook H&M Modern Retro Spring 2013 Lookbook

Modeled by Ginta Lapina, the designs created for the spring of 2013 are put into value, revealing their full style-boosting potential. Feminine, modern yet retro, the lovely curve-hugging shapes, flaring lines and classic patterns displayed throughout the collection will dare you to resist falling into temptation as apart from their fabulous design the items were features in an assortment of bright and dark shades that amp-up the youthfulness of the collection.

From form-fitting dresses to gorgeous A-line dresses, flare skirts, second-skin leggings, classic cut shirts and printed sweaters and tops, H&M’s Modern Retro spring 2013 lookbook features all the elements needed to make you stand out of the crowd all while maintaining a high dose of delicacy and without falling into eccentricism.

The lovely display of prints, including animal and abstract motifs, are mainly the elements that give that retro-vibe to the designs, so if you’re ready to make a fashion statement be sure to check out the fabulous display of garments introduced in the latest H&M spring 2013 lookbook and mishmash your fave items to create a totally contemporary look with a soft retro vibe as each and every piece has the potential to amp up your style level instantly!

H&M Modern Retro Spring 2013 Lookbook H&M Modern Retro Spring 2013 Lookbook

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