The well known mega brand H&M is planning on releasing a capsule collection featuring plus size items for this spring. The collection called Inclusive will feature various feminine pieces with designs inspired by the season's main fashion trends. Take a quick glance at the collection.

As the perceptions of beauty become to expand it seems like the most well known retailers are starting to conform to the new standards an adjusting their marketing strategies accordingly. This is also the case of the well known Swedish brand H&M has recently announced that a new capsule collection featuring plus size pieces called Inclusive.

The collection, which will feature 20 pieces is extremely feminine and stylish. Fabulous trendy floral prints, polka dots, flirty 50's style party dresses and skirts, cardigans, tops and even lingerie will be some of the elements contained in the capsule collection.

However, H&M online is only available in Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and the United Kingdom, an unfortunate thing that limits the purchasing options of the inhabitants that live outside of the aforementioned countries.

The collection, which will only be available starting with early March is presented by the beautiful plus size models Lauren McKenzie and Robyn Lawley. Elegant, sophisticated and vibrantly colored the designs are definitely a wonderful interpretation of the season's main fashion trends, living up to the fast fashion standard embraced by the mega brand.

Although the brand's initiative to design a collection for curvier women is certainly a remarkable and much awaited one, the fact that the collection will only be available online certainly limits the consumer's options to a certain extent, being an important downside. Nonetheless, the looks presented are undoubtedly a fabulous source of inspiration when it comes to creating fashionable outfits with intelligence and refinement that can be adapted in a great variety of ways.

What's your take on the latest H&M project?

Photo courtesy of H&M