Famous high-street retailer H&M is launching its Fashion Against AIDS 2011 unisex collection meant to communicate one important message around the world and that is increasing awareness about HIV/AIDS among youth. This is the fourth year in a row when the Swedish label creates a ready-to-wear collection with 25% of sales donated to different HIV/AIDS prevention projects around the world.

It was back in 2008 when H&M and Designers Against AIDS teamed up and launched a special collection named Fashion Against AIDS (FAA). Now, this is the fourth year when this beautiful collaboration materializes once again into a fashion collection entirely dedicated to the fight against AIDS.

For 2011, this remarkable initiative comes with a unique unisex collection able to meet everyone's needs, both men and women. Moreover, the new line offers the possibility to raise money in order to increase HIV/AIDS awareness among youth, but also to start and carry various campaigns and prevention projects around the world.

It is worth mentioning that 25% of the money raised will be donated towards HIV/AIDS prevention projects. It seems that this campaign is fruitful as so far the FAA initiative has raised a total of $4.3 million, which were given to various projects aimed to increase awareness of HIV/AIDS among youth.

The H&M Fashion Against AIDS 2011 Collection, which will be available starting with April 26, 2011 in H&M’s Divided department, has a rather sporty touch. It contains mostly slogan t-shirts, such as the "Brain first, body 2nd" tee, blousons, parkas, shorts, vests, track pants, jumpsuits, but also accessories such as scarves, backpacks, or belts. As for the colors, you can find pastels and natural shades of beige or white.
"We wanted to create a unisex collection with a sporty vibe. It felt really liberating to think of the cut, the shape and the fabric first before thinking of what gender it should be for. Key pieces are the slogan T-shirts as well as the sports style jacket with zip details, which can be worn in all sorts of ways. FAA is vital because it is still so crucial to make young people aware of HIV and AIDS," says Ann-Sofie Johansson, Head of Design at H&M.

Photos courtesy of H&M