Wardrobe update keeping in mind the latest fashion trends is every budget fashionsta’s dream. H&M has dedicated a lot of time and energy trying to come up with different styles to adapt to a variety of tastes and style preferences. For the Fall 2011 Catalog, the retailer goes a little retro in terms of overall style influences, yet the results are well within the brand’s standards.

Denim overalls, big retro sunglasses, floppy hats, head scarfs or masculine white shirts are just some of the details that give a vintage vibe to the collection. Keeping things simple and slightly conservative, the color palette is fairly limited and focused around pieces that can be easily mixed and matched, although there are a few eclectic prints that create interest instantly and liven up the outfits.

The contrasts between masculine touches, ladylike dresses and trendy on season style tendencies are the ones that give this collection the diversity that leaves us craving for more. Animal printed accessories, for instance, are perfectly adapted to create a classy look with an edgy vibe that is certainly unexpected, yet pleasantly surprising at the same time. The presence of various knee length skirts and dresses in the catalog suggests the idea that femininity can sometimes be best revealed with less skin baring options and that going with style classicism is one of the safest options around.

Monochrome outfits that stand out through their texture and design can be just as flattering as their more vibrant, busy-patterned counterparts. The brand features all black and all white outfit ideas that prove this point instantly. Black and white ensembles shown also seem to stay true to the idea that simple, intuitive contrasts are some of the best style options for this fall.

Add some simple and versatile pieces to your wardrobe this fall and you’ll have a multitude of mixing and matching possibilities to highlight your fine fashion tastes. Opt for affordable style pieces with a trendy vibe to renew your wardrobe and you’ll never feel guilty about overspending in the name of short lived fashion trends.

Photo courtesy of H&M