The world renowned retailer H&M unveiled its latest concept, The Grey Concept for fall 2012 that brings to the fashion scene rock'n'roll, rough cuts that steal the spotlight, so check them out, next!

2012 seems to be a spectacular year as far as fashion designs go as retailers and fashion designers went wild with their creations, bringing several styles front-and-center for people to enjoy. If you've been looking for statement garments, H&M's The Grey Concept for fall will surely make you quiver with excitement as the inspiration that stands behind the project has everything to do with grunge-rock looks.

Rough cuts, stylish details and a gorgeous display of dark colored elements fuse together to unveil a super cool and edgy look, perfect for the modern, rock'n'roll divas. This particular underground to style seems to have risen from its ash like a Phoenix bird as it has exploded in popularity recently, probably due to the unique and powerful vibe these garments exude.

The Grey Concept by H&M seems to have captured the high energy that surrounds the young rebels that adopt this style, making the collection irresistible. The fact that the designs have a very distinct feel that don't seem to follow the rules that we've been accustomed to makes this collection even more intriguing and attractive. The mixed elements that scream attention, fierceness and style provide that 'je ne sais quoi' that people need to underline their free-spirited personality, so if you think an edgy look that is bound to make heads turn in for you, The Gray Concept is definitely worth your attention.

Fabulous tees, maxi skirts paired with stylish hooded tops, leather jackets, maxi cardigans, cropped tops, asymmetric skirts, skinny jeans and comfy coats are only a few of the elements featured in the collection, garments that fuse together perfectly to generate an edgy, effortlessly hip allure that looks fit for an off-duty model.
The designs have a high urban appeal with a modern twist that cannot be overlooked and pair this with an affordable price tag and voila! You've got the recipe to a successful, statement collection that is bound to cause a stir, so check out the complete collection and select the pieces that you feel can inject some grungy-rock chicness into your seasonal wardrobe!

Photos courtesy of H&M