The keyword for the Hervé Léger by Max Azria pre-fall 2013 collection was definitely sexiness. Check out the best highlights of the label's new bodycon dresses.

There's one thing we can always count on when mentioning the name Hervé Léger by Max Azria: sexiness. The pre-fall 2013 collection hasn't abandoned that concept one bit. Au contraire, the label has done its best to make sure that its defining characteristic is enhanced. In fact, it seems that the new collection is widely related to the Hervé Léger by Max Azria spring 2013 collection as many of the same concepts are re-imagined. Bold bodycon dresses are the must have staple of the new collection whether we are talking about body con styles or other similar seductive styles.

The preference for geometry has never been subtly reflected. Whether we're talking about print styles or simple color combos that immediately manage to create a strong impact, becoming the center of attention is the natural consequence of wearing such youthful and daring designs. Gorgeous cutouts, fun lines, perfect precision in highlighting the most seductive physical assets and a myriad of other fun accents are some of the alternatives the label puts to the table.

The designs are a statement in themselves which means there's little need for extras to make the desired impact and as such the variety of accessories used is restricted. Even so, the label propels the popularity of the cage belt trend even forward by making it a strong focal point which amps up the wow factor tremendously. Still, other than that each stylistic choice is tailored specifically to complete the outfit without overpowering any element or shifting the focus.

Boldness is definitely a modern woman's attribute and the courage to highlight the right attributes is the essential characteristic needed to sport similar outfits. Things really seem directed towards maximum style diversity in the near future which is a definite plus as creativity is encouraged in all fronts with such generous guidelines as inspiration, so let your style preferences shine through.

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