The next year is full of fashionable surprises for daring pieces lovers. Boldness and elegance are the buzzwords in the newest Herve Leger by Max Azria resort 2013 collection.

When it comes to standing out, a fabulous perspective is usually enough to make us pay attention. However, when all the details point out the defining elements of the line, the entire experience is greatly enhanced. This is exactly the feeling we get when taking a closer look at the multitude of fabulous options presented in the Herve Leger by Max Azria resort 2013 collection. The label mixes a little pop art and takes inspiration from comic book superheroes for delivering a gorgeous set of bold options for the next year.

We've spotted many interesting perspectives on femininity this year, but somewhat the futuristic allure has been left aside with a few exceptions. The brand attempts to bring back this delightful style direction through a multitude of daring outfits that are sure to break away from the norm. Body conscious dresses are the stars of the collection. A multitude of vibrant tones and well placed cutouts make the entire looks extremely covetable. From classy to revealing, the options are cleverly highlighted so that the focal points vary greatly but still appear extremely balanced.

Print lovers will have the opportunity to experiment with a myriad of exciting alternatives that can easily provide some exciting optical illusions. For those a little more color conservative, monochrome pieces might prove a more appropriate option. Those who are on the quest for edgier alternatives will certainly appreciate the metallic vibes and leather accents which in addition to being fabulous statement pieces also have an alluring warrior touch many fashionistas find irresistible.

Aside from delightful body-con dresses with fun cutouts and incredible jackets, the label also offers some early suggestions concerning swimwear. As suspected, the same style directions apply. From fun one pieces and monokinis to revealing bandeaus and bikinis, the suggestions are fairly generous. Best of all, with the strong fashion statement made by the pieces, the need for accessories is minimal. Stick to fun sunglasses and high heels for a seductive overall effect.

Photo courtesy of Herve Leger