Hermès has always been associated with luxury and chicness reason for which the brand’s new fall 2013 collection will gather the ‘crème de la crème’ of the fashion industry and the most passionate fashion enthusiasts. The high-end luxury powerhouse has been one of the labels to dictate the latest trends in fashion since it first hit the fashion scene, so if you want to dress to impress this upcoming season, keeping an eye on Hermès is definitely a must!

The brand is best known for its exquisite handbag designs, especially the Birkin and the Kelly bags that are like the ‘holy grail’ of handbags for fashionistas. A quick glimpse as the handmade high-quality leather handbags regardless of the model chosen, reveals, even to the untrained eye, the high attention to detail and care put into the making of each bag, so could you honestly resist temptation if you’d have the budget to match their beauty?

Hermes at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013 Hermes at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013

If the fab Hermès handbags and accessories weren’t enough to get you sweating with excitement, the brand’s lovely display of ready-to-wear apparel which follow in attentively the fashion house’s high-end guidelines to style, should do the trick! Leather seems to find its way to the Hermes catwalk each year as this fabric is the brand’s trademark and each season we’re surprised by the high level of hotness and the creative patterns leather can be shaped to, so take a peek at the Hermès spring 2012 collection featured at Paris Fashion Week and see if you can resist the display of timeless garments!

If you’re hooked on the designs signed by the French luxury fashion label be sure to check back to view Hermès’ fall 2013 collection at Paris Fashion Week held on Tuesday, March 5 at 7:30PM in Paris as we’ll update the post with a review and pictures of the collection as soon as the models step off the podium!

Hermes at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013 Hermes at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013

Photos: Hermes