Raid your local fashion stores or visit the online shopping heaven of UNIQLO to purchase some of these gorgeous tops. The Hello Kitty UNIQLO t-shirt collection features a selection of urban sportswear tops glammed up with flirty prints and the oh-so-popular image of this cute feline.

According to the promo of the t-shirt range “A range of artists are breathing new life into Hello Kitty, the adorable feline character who has touched the hearts of people throughout the world since her 1974 debut in Japan.”(Hello Kitty Junkie) By purchasing a similar printed t-shirt, you will also contribute to the campaign called Hellosmile which promotes the prevention of cervical cancer.

Hello Kitty fans should consider these amazing graphic t-shirts real wardrobe staples for the spring and summer season. Rock some of these tops with voguish short shorts or skinny jeans, depending on your preferences. Choose your favorite design glammed up with the image of the loveliest cartoon character and additional prints and patterns.

 Hello Kitty UNIQLO T-Shirt Collection  Hello Kitty UNIQLO T-Shirt Collection

The Hello Kitty graphic t-shirts by UNIQLO cost no more than $19.90 and are already available online. Make these cute outfit elements the best fashion buys for the blooming season. Flash your love affair with romantic and fun printed tops by incorporating some of these style items into your signature outfits.

Start your fabulous makeover by piling up on suit-all and pocket-friendly t-shirts which can be easily combined with flats, wedges and other fab accessories. Inspired by the cult trend of Hello Kitty, UNIQLO decided to release a series of Hello Kitty t-shirt collections. This one concentrates on a soft spring color palette with lovely earth-tones and pastels. Add a modern touch to your closet by adding some of these stand-out t-style creations to your personal t-shirt repertoire.

 Hello Kitty UNIQLO T-Shirt Collection  Hello Kitty UNIQLO T-Shirt Collection  Hello Kitty UNIQLO T-Shirt Collection

Image courtesy of Sanrio, UNIQLO