Browse through the Heidi Merrick fall 2012 lookbook to discover simple and ultra effective ways of bringing some summer trend favorites into the new season and look spectacular doing it.

Planning for the new season is a lot easier if we are already accustomed with the options by the time the pieces hit the stores. Therefore, a sneak peek of the newest trends and the fabulous interpretations of the retailers and designers everywhere is sure to prove a decent strategy when trying to upgrade your wardrobe. If your goal is to stock up on classics while at the same time leaving a little room for play and creativity, the Heidi Merrick fall 2012 collection should definitely be a source of insight.

If you're loving the current trends, you're lucky since the collection features plenty of current trend adaptations for the new season. Peplums are a great example of a style element which can be successfully translated into gorgeous ensembles in the rainy months. By the same token, color blocking, when carefully done is definitely going to help you stay stylish without many massive investments on fads that will only prove cumbersome to deal with at the end of the season.

Opting for classiness is the easiest option for looking spectacular at all times without adopting effort-intensive tactics to be able to stand out. Gorgeous blouses which don't necessarily come off as too feminine, beautifully tailored blazers for quick layering paired with jackets and attention for creating contrasts are definitely good strategies for creating refined outfits that will prove flattering. If you're more of a girly girl, the multitude of gorgeous dresses will surely catch your eye.

Though not the strongest influence of the collection, abstract prints with a fairly noticeable element can definitely prove the right alternative for those who enjoy such interest-enhancing visual details. All in all, looking gorgeous doesn't have to be complicated and the newest Heidi Merrick fall 2012 looks are a clear example of how a clear knowledge of basic style rules and a touch of creativity can be all that's required to be able to impress in both formal and informal circumstances.

Photo courtesy of Heidi Merrick