The list of the hottest new season looks is contouring slowly yet surely and the designers at the Paris Fashion Week definitely have a word to say regarding the hottest new trends. The tendency towards simple yet strong contrast through texture and color is seen through fairly minimalist lenses in the Guy Laroche spring 2013 collection. Though femininity is far from being neglected, the label encourages going for simpler lines and avoiding all the frills and conspicuousness associated with it.

The key to looking spectacular, according to the brand is choosing spectacular versatile pieces that can be easily mixed and matched and that flatter you. And though the vast majority of the looks presented focus on rather pure color contrast, the fashion house doesn’t neglect prints, which tend to go towards the abstract side as well. Still, when prints do get used, it’s often an all or nothing approach. The idea that head to toe prints are generally unflattering is certainly challenged through the collection.

Subtle pleats, daring necklines, cropped tops or high waists were some of the main style elements the label endorsed in its newest collection. Naturally, the importance of a great jacket to make things sharp and spectacular is beautifully reflected through a series of wonderful options worth experimenting with. The perspective towards color is also fairly minimalistic as it revolves around mainly white, navy and gorgeous green tones.

As far as accessorizing goes, we still find much of the same views. When used, accessories stay within mostly the same range as far as the vibe goes and tend to be used especially for practical purposes. Beautywise, the label recommends dramatic side parts of a simple statement along with bold smoky eyes for added interest and a bit of drama. Stylish and wearable, the new alternatives can sure prove a simple yet refined option for the much awaited season makeover.

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