The new Guess by Marciano spring/summer 2013 ad campaign is intensely fueled by the desire for the hot season to start already and features supermodels Leticia Zuloaga and Nadine Wolfbeisser. Guess by Marciano has always brought a multitude of fun and elegant looks in the past seasons and this season is no exception. Boldness and sophistication merge in a fab campaign which instantly manages to dazzle enticing everyone to want to take a second look.

The need for spectacular dresses to shine during the sandal season is well understood by the label which brings sexy maxi dresses and bold cropped tops into the spotlight. Bold necklines, high slits and a few metallic tones can be the amazing details which draw all attention on you in the hot days to come. Whether you prefer conservative tones or simply adore the sophistication of amazingly rich tones, the new Guess by Marciano spring/summer 2013 campaign can sure prove a fab source of inspiration.

Guess by Marciano Spring/Summer 2013 Campaign Guess by Marciano Spring/Summer 2013 Campaign

Flats and low heels are definitely fine for most days, however if being a memorable presence is the effect you’re after, a classy pair of high heels is the easiest and most glamorous way of reaching your goal. The black and gold combo is a classic that is very popular this season and the new Guess by Marciano campaign beautifully illustrates the impact such a shoe style can have on helping you create an outstanding look that will immediately put you in the spotlight.

For a truly elegant allure and a subtle yet noticeable opulent vibe, jewelry is the perfect option. Once again, golden touches manage to create the desired impression like no other metal ever can so opting for some high impact pieces to complete your elegant new season looks can be a stellar idea. With amazing outfits complemented by fun accessories, you won’t need to worry to much about beauty choices. For an effortless chic effect, some loose curls and a natural makeup look are the ideal choices as exemplified by the renowned brand.

Guess by Marciano Spring/Summer 2013 Campaign Guess by Marciano Spring/Summer 2013 Campaign

Photo courtesy of Guess