We can always count on Guess to deliver a quick lesson in glamour and sophistication. Any doubts on this matter are about to be shattered by the new Guess by Marciano ads, which abound in covetable pieces for the new season for both sexes. Mixing trendy items with versatile ones is a sure way to look polished and up to date and the label proves the accuracy of this easy style technique over and over again in the newest campaign. Modern vibes with a luxurious touch are the focus for the upcoming months.

Leather pants, blouses, gorgeous feminine pleated dresses, fun takes on the fur trend, big statement jewelry…there’s no danger of looking cookie-cutter with these gorgeous pieces. Making a statement is beyond easy if you borrow some of the ideas presented in the newest campaign and adapt them to your own personality. Going bolder is one of the quickest ways to steal the spotlight and these types of outfits are sure to get you noticed instantly. Projecting confidence is definitely made easy with the multitude of sophisticated vibes presented.

From versatile tones to eye-popping accents, the right balance is extremely important for creating that polished allure we all crave. It is important to note, however, that creating contrast can also be easily done through texture. One particularly edgy and interesting touch is undoubtedly given by the long leather gloves which put a whole different spin on an otherwise regular outfit. Accessories are another interesting touch you can play with.

As far as accessorizing goes, the jewelry pieces are undoubtedly the ones that receive the most attention. Chunky statement pieces are seen as one of the best ways to put a bold vibe on most outfits. On the other hand, the more practical accessory choices like handbags and shoes are kept mostly on the practical side for an adequate contrast and a variety of mixing and matching possibilities. Creativity really goes a long way as far as looking spectacular every time is concerned.

Photo courtesy of GUESS