Though cold weather is about to come, we cannot help but think about sunny days and all the fun alternatives that come with them. The fact that high-end retailers come up with fab campaigns depicting sunnier days doesn’t exactly help us stay grounded in reality, but it definitely gives us plenty of gorgeous ideas worth exploring when the time comes. Gucci envisions a world full of color and luxurious accessories and simple yet gorgeous combos for resort 2013.

Pretty pastels, floppy hats, flirty dresses…just a few of the lust-worthy pieces you can indulge in. However, elegance is not completely left aside in favor of laid back, airy ensembles. Those looking for business appropriate outfits will also find a few fashionable ideas that are sure to turn heads. Fans of the bold animal prints will also be pleased to know that as far as the label is concerned, these motifs are still in style since these motifs are seen as a way to add boldness while still exuding sophistication.

Though the overall impression is one of effortless chicness, the focal points are well placed to put the focus where it is most desired. Some fab options to choose from are romantic wide brim hats, comfy and fashionable flat sandals, at least one pair of stunning sunglasses and even statement jewelry such as funky necklaces to complete a seemingly effortless look.

Photo courtesy of Gucci