A new era seems to be the main focus for the pre-fall 2013 fashion. If the ’70s have been the main source of inspiration for some of the most popular creations of the past season, it seems that now the ’50s are taking over and Gucci is one label that believes reinterpretations from the glamorous era should set the tone for the new season. Femininity is once again the attribute that is highlighted yet not in the delicate, romantic allure we generally see it represented.

For Frida Giannini adding drama and a sense of power that is completely opposite to the ‘damsel in distress’ mantra was the important aspect that defined the collection: “This is a contemporary femme fatale who relishes her own dark mood. Armed with an invulnerable aesthetic, she has an elusive sensuality — like the protagonist in a game of pursuit” the designer told WWD.com. With these thoughts in mind, the complete focus on extremely well defined proportions and rich tones immediately create the sense of refinement and intentional contrast that instantly demand attention.

Creating the ‘femme fatale’ vibe relies on a series of well defined touches. Animal prints are, hands down, the best choice for highlighting boldness from the brand’s perspective and as such they are an important part of the new collection. The geometric vibe that proves so incredibly important as far as the 2013 fashion trends are concerned is beautifully reflected through classy pieces that form fabulous ensembles where proportions are beautifully defined.

High waist skirts, gorgeous long gloves, classy and classical dresses, simple sweaters paired up with high impact accessories are some of the must haves of the new collection. The new designs might seem like a far-cry from the relaxed allure of the resort 2013 creations, yet this is precisely the impact that makes loyal customers and hardcore fashionistas alike maintain interest and remember the new creations of the luxury label.

Photos via style.com