Summer is slowly coming to an end and the next season’s fashion choices are multiplying every single day. Being exposed to all the different fashion trends at once can certainly be overwhelming, yet taking a closer look at the ideas presented by your favorite brands can certainly shed some light as to what are some of the best ways to embrace the new season style trends.

Luxury brands always set the tone in the area of fashion trends, so they are certainly worth analyzing for a greater insight. The fall winter 2011-2012 Gucci lookbook is filled with interesting style trends that are carefully combined for maximum effect. Knitwear, fringes, fur are some of the textural style elements that first draw our attention due to their instant ability to make a statement.

Elegance with a masculine touch is a concept that is clearly emphasized throughout the lookbook. The masculine style tailoring with a subtle ’70s touch is more than apparent for suit designs and other types of clothing that can easily be considered as office-wear. Combining casual wear with some more pretentious clothes has the unsurprising effect of making the looks wearable and extremely chic. The floppy hats that are a fairly constant presence throughout the collection give a distinguishably cool 70s vibe we absolutely adore.

Those who don’t dismiss monochrome outfits as being unimaginative or boring will be pleased to discover that the high end brand has put together several all black outfits, making this ultra flattering hue a must have for the season. A mix of casual outfits and more sophisticated ones manages to prove that there’s no need to resort to heavily colored prints or vividly colored accessories in order to make a powerful fashion statement. The presence of oversized bags to complete the accessories accentuates the functional aspect of the collection even more.

The power that monochrome clothing choices have in creating an elegant look is more than visible in the area of more elegant attire which range from the immensely versatile LBD to the fabulous floor length dresses with minimal details which prove that simplicity and elegance go hand in hand most of the times.

With a high emphasis on fabrics that instantly give a luxurious touch, such as leather or fur trimmings, functional accessories and a mission to create interest through texture and layering rather than crazy colors, the latest lookbook of the brand offers plenty of interesting style options for those who seek casual chic attire with a definite practical touch.

Photo courtesy of Gucci