The Gucci resort 2014 collection abounds in glamorous laid back alternatives that can instantly steal the spotlight. It looks like the label has abandoned caution and the usual classic proportions which have an undeniable timeless look in favor of more effortless chic ensembles better suited for vacation mode. A few retro vibes are spotted in the new line, especially when it comes to prints. Still, a good balance between retro and modern vibes is being preserved.

Among the modern alternatives spotted in the new Gucci resort 2014 collection are fabulous metallic accents. Including sequins in daytime outfits seemed like a taboo until not long ago, yet such pieces are not becoming essentials in every cool girl’s closet, it seems. If you have tested the waters so far with metallic skirts, in the not so distant future you’ll be able to take it to the next level with a fab loose fitting ensembles that instantly impress. Feminine accents dominate the new line, a refreshing approach considering the multitude of fab alternatives which favored masculine and androgynous touches.

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Must haves from the new Gucci resort 2014 collection are: romantic mid length dresses, fab jumpsuits, gorgeous skirts, high waist pants and fabulous matte tops. When it comes to the defining color palette, the hues resemble those of a summer sunset for the most part. From versatile tones like taupe, gray, and brown to soothing orange tones, yellow, gold, blue, green tones and silver the line abounds in interesting options worth exploring.

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Since an effortless chic vibe is the main intent of the new looks from the Gucci resort 2014 collection, accessories are kept at a minimum for the most part, matching the outfits most of the time. When it comes to footwear, however, a more diverse approach is observed. Printed wedges, metallic peep toe sandals or cute flats are among the most alternatives endorsed for the new season.

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