Reinvent your casual outfits by wearing denim in fun and stylish ways every single day. Let the G-Star spring 2012 collection inspire you to make creative choices.

Denim on denim, a fashion no-no? Wearing jeans every day is plain and rather boring? The G-Star brand shatters such preconceived notions about fashion by injecting a touch of originality, seductiveness and a distinguishable cool factor into each and every outfit it presents.

Sporty and sexy, with subtle yet crucial variations, the collection combines a stunning array of pieces, shades and textures the brand demonstrating how casual attire with an urban touch can be, an extremely permissive concept that can be easily expanded when needed. Flared, straight cut, dark or acid wash, long and short: anything goes next season in terms of jeans styles.

Rather than going for the usual jeans-sneakers combo, the collection uses sexy high heeled shoes and boots for a more glamorous look. Accessories can make all the difference and vests, thin belts, a fab hat and thin jackets have definitely made the trick in the outfits presented by G-Star. For an eccentric vibe, the drop crotch cropped jeans is a superb alternative.

For a stylish denim on denim look, shade variation and proper layering are the keys. Subtle textural changes can add an additional creative punch, however they are not always necessary as the lookbook accurately shows. Rolled sleeves are a perfect illustration on how a quick detail can have a significant impact. Inject a fab vibe into your outfits with these uber modern style alternatives.

Photo courtesy of G-Star