Nothing says casual more than a cute pair of jeans matched with a simple top and a fabulous pair of shoes. As simple as the formula might seem, finding ways to keep such a seemingly basic look interesting requires a high degree of versatility and creativity. For simple yet alluring style lovers and for those who see denim as a timeless yet always interesting fashion staple, the Goldsign Jeans spring summer 2012 lookbook is sure to prove a much desired inspiration source.

Taking quite a few style elements from the ’80s, the brand reinvents simplicity and gives plain outfits a spin by bringing a healthy mix of eye-popping hues and more suble, toned down color palettes and creating youthful, fun outfits that can be easily replicated in real life. Dark wash rolled jeans, flared jeans or bright, colorful ones are all excellent alternatives for a chic, fuss free look. Creative combinations and just the right focus on details and accessories, take low maintenance outfits to new style levels.

Simple tank-top/ short sleeve and jeans combos become focal points instantly due to the contrasting tones used as well as to the discreet yet high impact accessories. Simple layered necklaces, suede pumps or coral wedges complete the outfit perfectly without making it too complex. Such discreet yet powerful tonal variations can be used even by those who shy away from bold hues to avoid stepping too far out of their style comfort zone.

Looking to experiment with the bold color trend? Try intense purple tones, bright yellow, hot green or coral tones for a chic, classy look. Pair a basic outfit with a matching fuss-free hairstyle and a classy, well defined makeup style and you won’t have to worry about any possible faux pas or looking too plain. Stand out this season without overspending by creatively exploring practical mixing and matching alternatives.

Photo courtesy of Gold Sign Jeans