Elegance that cannot be overlooked and a desire to impress with just the right amount of sheen are some of the style influences that become evident within the first minutes of the Giorgio Armani spring 2012 collection at the Milan Fashion Week. The perfection of pearls was the key concept that inspired the designer to create a myriad of fab outfits with the perfect blend between femininity and masculinity. Unlike many of the brands that have placed a strong emphasis on femininity and dresses, the brand focuses on trousers as a way to create interest.

Asymmetry, unexpected cutouts with a strong geometric perspective, metallic touches and a careful balance when it comes to proportions are some of the style influences that mostly define the looks presented on the runways. Silk as the fabric choice for the brand makes the outfits more feminine and deceivingly comfortable looking despite the fairly notable emphasis on carefully defined structures. The choices are well defined in the area of color as well: dark blue tones, beige, varying grey shades, green tones or black are the main options of the collection.

Iridescent effects add an original touch to the fabulous elegant ensembles that impressed the audience during the show. A subtle influence from the glamorous era of the 40s defines many of the fabulous elegant pieces along with the structure of the style outfits presented. Subtlety and unquestionable sophistication cleverly merge through the collection influencing every single important detail for an impressive result.

Photo courtesy of WWD.com