A touch of femininity among the multitude of masculine vibes seen so far during the London Fashion Week is what the Giles label has decided to use in order to make a lasting impression on the audience and fashion critics alike. With a definite intention to focus on sophisticated glamorous outfits and to become instantly memorable, the designer was quick to point out that his intention was not to draw inspiration from the ‘Black Swan’.

Shiny accents with a discreet edgy touch, eclectic cutouts, cygnet prints and an emphasis on volume as a way to create a striking point of interest are some of the style choices the brand endorses for the new seasons. Elegance and femininity often go hand in hand, so the preference for ultra glamorous evening dresses is a completely expected one. Playing with texture and volume and sometimes color effects, the designer managed to capture interest with each new design presented on the runways.

Although accessories are kept simple and the designer supports the idea that peep toe platforms will be a must have shoe style for spring summer 2012, creative, artistic touches are added as a way to better highlight the main theme of the collection. With the multitude of statement pieces included in the collection, it becomes abundantly clear that the upcoming moths will be all about self expression and standing out instead of keeping a low profile, at least in the vision of the high end brand.

Photo courtesy of Style.com