It’s the season of changes for the Giambattista Valli label. Though one might have expected to see a variety of dramatic proportions, feminine designs and the like, the spring 2013 collection was nothing of the sort. Instead, the label took a simpler path and focused on a variety of masculine vibes which were carefully mixed with girlier ensembles. Clear lines and extremely well defined proportions were the elements the label cherished for the new season offerings.

Modern vibes were sensed all across the collection. Minimalist touches were brought back to the spotlight and textural details took the place of explicit and uber colorful prints. Versatility is once again a highly valued characteristic and mixing and matching freely is definitely encouraged. With well defined proportions also comes an almost automatic contrast that immediately creates distinguishable focal points. Boldness, however, is not neglected.

Sheer touches range from subdued to bold, for a variety of comfort levels. One might consider cropped tops as casual wear staple, however the label challenges this deep held assumption by incorporating such pieces into more formal outfits for a fun change. Color-wise, things are pretty straight forward as the designer focuses on gray, black and white, red and a few metallic tones for added contrast.

If pointy pumps were often neglected in favor for more romantic options, the label opts to change things up a bit for the new season with fab metallic pointy toe pumps which share the edginess of the looks. Beauty-wise, the label opts for minimal makeup and simple slicked back hairstyles. Simplicity is definitely a perfectly acceptable and fabulous option for the upcoming warm months.

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