Playing with shapes, textures and color are all well known style techniques, yet they were combined skillfully in the new Giambattista Valli couture collection for spring 2012. “The art of the atelier”, the source of inspiration behind the fabulous creations proved to be fruitful and incredibly complex. Glamorous yet incredibly delicate, classy yet over the top, the designs brought together all kinds of concepts that took standards and expectations to whole new style heights.

Black and white, either alone combos made up an important part of the collection. Monochrome outfits captured all the attention with amazingly well crafted elements like textural flowers and polka dots, oversized bows, sheer details or lace and clear cuts. If any proof that flirty knee length pencil skirts were a must have fashion staple, the latest collection managed to deliver it and even make it completely irresistible thanks to the multitude of alluring options highlighted.

With a “new generation of customers, young and very attentive to a new kind of luxury,” the designer created a fabulous blend of highly textured outfits and simpler, more colorful options. If short dresses are kept mostly in the black and white range, the evening gowns category features some bold tones and prints that give a fresh vibe to the entire line.

Strapless, one shoulder dresses or medium/long sleeved dresses were some of the best choices for the new season. If daring edgy tones are needed, fuchsia, deep purple or intense orange tones are sure to break the monotony and bring an instant summery vibe. Dramatic or vibrant and cheerful, whatever you pick proves a winning choice as the designs in the latest collection are sure to create a positive impression every single time.

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